1540 Keller Parkway
Suite 108-117
Keller, TX 76248

board of advisors

  • Dr. Jacquelyne E. Bailey
    Cleveland, Ohio

  • Dr. Caesar A.W. Clark (decd)
    Dallas, Texas

  • Bishop Timothy J. Clarke
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Dr. Joseph L. Coleman
    Dayton, Ohio

  • Pastor Oscar L. Crawford
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • Elder Charles Foye
    Roseville, Minnesota

  • Dr. Cynthia L. Hale
    Decatur, Georgia

  • Bishop S. Janine Hyman
    Richmond, Virginia

  • Pastor Joel L. King Jr.
    Urbana, Ohio

  • Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu
    Chicago, Illinois

  • Pastor Henry O. Leftridge
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Bishop Andy Lewter
    Columbus, Ohio

  • ------------------

  • Bishop Thomas Masters
    Riviera Beach, Florida

  • Dr. C.H. McClelland
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Dr. Rudolph McKissick Jr.
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Dr. Charles W. Noble Sr.
    Newark, Ohio

  • Dr. Dennis Proctor
    Baltimore, Maryland

  • Mr. Charles Richardson
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Atty. J. Terry Robinson
    Elyria, Ohio

  • Pastor Horace Sheffield III
    Detroit, Michigan

  • Dr. Gary V. Simpson
    Brooklyn, New York

  • Dr. J. Alfred Smith
    Oakland, California

  • Mr. Paul A. Taylor
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Pastor Thurmond Tillman
    Savannah, Georgia

  • Dr. Keith A. Troy
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Dr. Leon L. Troy
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Dr. Joseph L. Walton
    Havelock, North Carolina

  • Pastor William S. Wheatley
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Dr. Jeremiah Wright
    Chicago, Illinois


who we are

The Black Church Resource Group, Inc. (TBCRG) is a national 501(c)3 organization with a primary focus to provide support to the heart of the African-American community...the African-American church.

The African-American church is unique in that it has a tremendous positive impact on the African-American community. If equipped adequately, the African-American church can be the most powerful entity for this community in existence.

The Black Church Resource Group, Inc. has a desire to see the African-American church continuously empowered in tangible ways so that it may benefit those which it services through our key initiatives of 'Health Awareness', 'Education', and 'Technological Support'.

TBCRG is not a church; rather it is a resource for churches. Although our primary focus is to assist African-American churches, TBCRG is available as a resource for any churches that profess Jesus Christ as Lord.



the black church Page

The voice of The Black Church Resource Group..........



The Health Awareness Initiatives of TBCRG are selected to target the major problem areas of the African American community. TBCRG will execute programs that will range from dissemination of information to bringing in actual needed resources into churches.


The Education Initiatives of TBCRG are selected to target ways to close to education gap that exists between the African American population and other nationalities, by providing additional resources so churches can operate after school programs for K-12th grades as well as Adult Literacy programs. Also included are career development programs for both the professional and skilled tradesman.


The Technological Support Initiatives of TBCRG are selected to aid the church community in any technological area that they require. From building web sites, to developing the proper Information Technology solution to manage their growing congregation, TBCRG is available to assist.